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Sometime back in the 14th century, the hourglass came into existence to help people measure time in various day to day activities like cooking eggs and heating metals. It even helped sailors keep track of time when they were sailing. They even used these timers to measure the speed of the ship. Little was known or even heard of the interactive timer then. Known also as egg timers, sand glasses and sand timers, these hourglasses marked the beginning of the incredibly useful timers that we now use for a multitude of things.

Hourglasses could be set to measure any amount of time ranging from just a few seconds to hours. These sand clocks could be built to measure different lengths of time by changing the size of the bulbs, the amount of sand used, the width of the passage between the two bulbs and sometimes even the fineness of the sand or any other powder used such as powdered marble or eggshells.

From these traditional hourglasses and egg timers, timers, like everything else, slowly evolved with technology giving birth to the interactive timer. Various types of timers emerged that used different mechanisms. Mechanical timers, electromechanical timers, and electronic timers were devised. Every phone is equipped with various kinds of online timers for various situations like measuring lap timings, countdowns and stopwatches. With the virtual world taking over, it’s no surprise that we now have numerous interactive timer software on the internet that we can download onto our gadgets.

With the different kinds of online timers and the traditional offline timers, the uses of timers also grew manifold. Varied uses for the timers were found. Different kinds of timers like split lap timers, egg timers, bomb timers, countdown timers, stopwatches, chess clocks, interval timers, and classroom timers were developed. All of them are available both online and as physical gadgets.

Be it business or education or other everyday situations, online timers can be used anywhere and for anything. Timers can be used in schools and colleges to time exams and tests. Other extracurricular activities too can be timed; maybe for some competitions or fun races like lemon spoon races! The time element will help students understand the importance of time and will also build a healthy competitive spirit in them.

If you thought online timers are only for schools or cooking or races, think again. You can use timers for official meetings to keep track of time, and even use them to limit your presentation to an acceptable duration. Timers may also remind you that you have deadlines to meet. This way, online timers can help improve efficiency in the office.

Timers are even useful back home. You could time your workout sessions or even your walking or jogging sessions to make sure you get enough exercise every day. And of course, like the medieval people, you could also cook your eggs perfectly. You could even time the cooking of other dishes when you’re not using the microwave, which as you know, has a built in digital timer.

From the sand-filled hourglasses to virtual online timers, these helpful devices have come a long way in helping people keep time and improve their efficiency at every level. An interactive timer has made timing efficient and easy.

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